Indie Jane reviews The Keys for Love! #giveaway

Check out this great review of my latest release, The Keys for Love, on Indie Jane!

It looks like they forgot to include the giveaway in the post, so I’m going to run one here.

I’m giving away one each of the paperback (USA only), eBook, and audiobook!

Please leave a comment below to enter until

midnight Eastern time on Sunday, June 28th.

Be sure to include which version of the book you’d like to win.

I’ll post the winners on June 29th.

Good luck!



31 thoughts on “Indie Jane reviews The Keys for Love! #giveaway

  1. Hi,Wendi!! I Read two of Your Works and I loved them so I would like Reading this one,too. I am italian so enter me to win the ebook copy.


  2. I have looked forward to this book to be published for a while. I’d love a kindle or eBook if my name is pulled. Love your writing!


  3. I’ve read only a couple of modern day settings of P & P, so this would be a bit of a change for me, especially as I haven’t read any of your work yet, Wendi.

    I’m in the UK, so I guess e-book or audiobook would be best for me.


  4. Loved the review! It really intrigued me and I’m sure your story will be a good summer read! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 I’m international so ebook for me.


  5. Wendi, as I have this as both an ebook and audiobook I would I would like to be entered for the audiobook. Thank you for your generosity. skamper25 (at) gmail (dot) com


  6. What a fun twist. Thank you for the giveaway. I would be thrilled to win any version, adding this to my kindle is my first choice. Congratulations!


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