A Very Austen Christmas (anthology)

“Throughout the holiday season, it seems like everyone has their own list of favorite things… Whether it be a certain guilty pleasure, an activity pursued just for the sheer delight of it, or a tradition that brings meaning to our lives, most of us can name our favorite holiday things as surely as our own names. For me, holiday JAFF is near the top of my own list of holiday favorites, so being able to indulge in a holiday anthology written by Robin Helm, Laura Hile, Wendy Sotis and Barbara Cornwaithe adds that extra touch of sparkle to my own holiday season.” Claudine Pepe, JustJane1813, 5 stars

“A Very Austen Christmas is a wonderful collection of novellas about our favorite Austen characters. It’s whimsical, sweet, and entertaining–everything I want in a holiday read.” Nissa, Of Pens and Pages, 4.5 stars

“I greatly enjoyed these creative and festive stories and loved that so many of my favorite authors collaborated together. Overall, this collection is one I think any Janeite would be happy to find under their Christmas tree!” – Meredith Esparza, Austenesque Reviews, 4.5 stars
“Amazon defines five stars as “I loved it” and that’s what this gets. I loved seeing beloved characters in new settings with careful attention to Austen’s style and historical nuances…” Chautona Havig, 5 stars


Amazon Reviewers:
“The stories are entertaining for any season…”
“Highly Recommended!”
“All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better collection of stories to highlight the mood and sense of the holidays, bring out lovely what ifs and sequels to Jane Austen’s stories, and showcase a talented team of writers who are all pretty much auto-buy for me at this point. Austenesque fans, do yourselves a favor and grab up this holiday gem.”
About No Better Gift, a short story by Wendi Sotis:
“…this was a deliciously emotional read. Loved it!”
One of my favorite Christmas reads this season.


A Lesson Hard Learned

“A Lesson Hard Learned is an enchanting and introspective romance that is sure to delight many Austenesque readers!” Meredith Esparza, Austenesque Reviews, 4.5 stars

“Once again, Mrs. Sotis has written a book that’s delightful in its original premise. Throughout the story, she infuses her scenes with some light humor and a good balance of tension between her characters. Her ability to write two interesting parallel stories allowed the book to move at a steady pace as I enjoyed getting to see Darcy and Elizabeth handle their separate trials.I don’t always enjoy stories where Darcy and Elizabeth spend quite a bit of time apart from each other, but both of their storylines were well-written and contained a variety of obstacles for Darcy and Elizabeth to overcome while they were apart. Once they meet again and find themselves spending time together, Mrs. Sotis does a nice job gradually developing their relationship through the subtle and heartfelt actions that reveal the depths of Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s feelings for each another.”

Amazon Reviewers:


“Always a great storyteller”

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book. … You won’t regret spending time with this book.”

“This is a lovely, well-researched, and rather exciting book that I read in just a couple of days despite much work on my proverbial plate. It’s wonderfully written and well-paced–a delightful read!”

One of my favorite JAFF authors. She is creative in her variations without losing the true personality of the original characters, and even when she goes beyond what we know of them, her interpretation is natural and seamless.


Amazon Reviewers:

“I love mysteries, romances, and Wendi Sotis’s writing. This book combines all three in a fast-moving thriller with a satisfying ending.”

“In her novel Safekeeping, Wendi Sotis has skillfully woven mystery, crime solving, and a super sweet and sexy love story between Lizzy and Fitz into a contemporary version of Jane Austen’s world. I couldn’t put it down, and read it cover to cover in one sitting. When I closed my Kindle, I had only one thought. I want more! Can’t wait to read whatever magic Sotis will spin next in Austen’s world.”

“If you love fast moving mystery with a modern Darcy and Lizzy…grab hold and hang on. Thanks Wendi it has been a wonderful trip.”

“So much fun and excitement and butterflies!!”

The Keys For Love

Amazon Reviewers:

“…it moves quickly, never dragging and the path from Darcy and Elizabeth meeting until the happily ever after is a delightful journey.”

“I’m usually hesitant with modern versions, and have NEVER purchased a modern P&P story before, but did so because of the author. Very delighted!”

Sweet, romantic and exciting story.

I strongly recommend The Keys for Love to those who love a sweet romance, with a splash of classic literature.


Foundation of Love – The Gypsy Blessing 2

“A thrilling and enchanting romance, filled with action, gypsy magic, tests of strength, and a lot of opposition! Foundation of Love is my first story by Wendi Sotis, and most definitely won’t be my last! I highly recommend this tale to fans who love magical stories and modern-day retellings!”  Meredith Esparza, Austenesque Reviews, 4.5 stars

Amazon Reviewers:

“Wendi has done it again! Another great piece of work.”

“Wendi Sotis is ALWAYS good and all her books are worth reading.”

“This was a clean read and I recommend it to anyone who likes a little something different with their (J)AFF.”

“I could not put this story down. Loved it.”


5star-flat-hr-smallThe Gypsy Blessing

This is definitely one of those books that you should cuddle up with … 5 stars – Brenda Ballard for Readers’ Favorite


Amazon Reviewers:

An excellent and very original read… Ms. Sotis takes the supernatural premise and makes it entirely believable...”

“The unusual premise of this story shows Elizabeth Bennet acting exactly as one would expect, and the consequences of that open the door for the unusual and the loving. Read this one, you won’t be disappointed.”

“FRESH, UNIQUE, and SWEET! … All in all this storyline is 100% FRESH and unique, and it’s a trip to Jane Austen’s world I don’t think any fan of the genre should miss.”

“A joy to read. … I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end.”

All Hallow’s Eve

“a hugely successful paranormal take on the famous ‘Pride and Prejudice‘ by Jane Austen…. Staying generally true to the language and mannerisms of the era in which it is set, Regency England, this is a fitting tribute to Jane Austen. She was known for her humor and would probably love to see how her characters have been tweaked in a fantastic direction. Entertaining and ingenious reading.”
… 4 stars – Reviewed by Stephanie Dagg for Readers Favorite

“the most unique retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that I’ve read so far… Sotis does a good job balancing two worlds, that of the Tribes and that of British society, emphasizing how the latter depends on the former without even knowing it exists.  She also provides some very interesting explanations for the behavior of certain characters, and most importantly, she made me believe them and the world in which they inhabited.”
… Anna Horner for IndieJane.com

Amazon Reviewers:

“THANK YOU WENDI for another delightful tale!!

a truly unique work that weaves together the characters we love (and hate) from Pride and Prejudice together in a supernatural tale of love and courage. The perspective of events changes when we understand the mystical powers and responsibility held by Elizabeth in an ancient ritual. I was worried when I first started reading this book that I might find it straying too far into the “occult” for my comfort, but that was actually not the case. The paranormal framework of the story was secondary to the story itself, and exceptionally well done. Wendi Sotis should be commended on an excellent narrative that will find it’s way back onto my reading list again, when the weather turns cool and the leaves start to fall.”

Dreams and Expectations

“works brilliantly well. I am sure Jane Austen would have enjoyed reading it. She had a sense of fun which would have reveled in this sensitive yet robust reconstruction of her story. Sotis’s evident admiration for Austen shines through every word. Her enthusiasm is contagious and together with her easy, flowing style of writing, you are swept off your feet. This is a real success story.”
– 4 stars – Stephanie D. for Readers Favorite

Dreams and Expectations has a lot more intrigue and drama than one usually expects from an Austen retelling, but it is extremely entertaining.”
… Jessica Grey for IndieJane.com

“There are so many interesting twists and sub plots in this story you are left grieving with Darcy and Lizzy as they both pine for each other. ” Sofia at JaneAustenPrequelsAndSequels.com

Amazon Reviews:

“A dream to read”

“This was a nice surprise … It contains variations on multiple plot lines, and was not as predictable as some variations I’ve read. Well done!”

“This was one of the most imaginative versions I have read. The Author stayed within the mainframe of the story and fleshed out some of the minor characters which gave greater depth to the action and relationships.”


“heartwarming, spellbinding and wonderfully passionate … The plot development is fascinating and riveting”
5 stars – Sylvia H. for Readers Favorite

“a beautiful love story … a well-written story that puts a spin on a classic”
… 5 stars – Kristie I. for Readers Favorite
“a Pride and Prejudice variation and one that I would rank up there in my favorites!” Candy Morton for IndieJane.com
Amazon Reviewers:
“Nice enjoyable read for those who love sweet romance and Austen! “
“If you are interested in a very romantic and rewarding story, this is a good choice.
“Fans of the original Pride and Prejudice will enjoy this tale, but it is also a lovely read for those unfamiliar with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.
“I highly recommend this story to Pride and Prejudice fans who love alternate reality stories.

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