My review of ‘Guardian’ by Robin Helm

Guardian (Guardian Trilogy)
by Robin Helm

5.0 out of 5 stars

Once you begin reading, you will not want to put this down! Here, Robin Helm shares with us a beautifully penned story with a highly original theme. Her writing is intense and engaging; one feels as if one is a part of every scene.

Though the story is crafted using religion as a base, one does not have to be religious to appreciate it. Guardian is written keeping EVERY type of reader in mind, and anyone can — and will — enjoy it.

I am so glad that there will be a series based on this idea, and I am very much looking forward to the next!

My review for ‘Geo-213: The Lost Expedition by Thomas Taylor

“This was great!”. Geo-213: The Lost Expedition is a science fiction mystery-adventure, which takes the reader into the depths of the mines of an alien planet on a mission to search for two groups who have gone missing. As the story unfolds, Taylor does a wonderful job of describing the scenes that the rescue team comes across;I felt as if I was there with the team seeing it as they did. I enjoyed this very much…