Outdoor stone block tile floor background and texture pattern

A VERY AUSTEN Anthology Series: A Very Austen Christmas (Book 1); A Very Austen Valentine (Book 2); A Very Austen Romance (Book 3), A Very Austen Noel (Book 4)

Regency Romance (non-Austen): The Marriage Pact

Regency Romance – Austen-Inspired:  Promises, Dreams & Expectations, All Hallow’s Eve, The Mystic Blessing, A Lesson Hard Learned, “No Better Gift” in A Very Austen Christmas (anthology), “My Forever Valentine” in A Very Austen Valentine (anthology), With My Whole Heart Forever, A Precarious Excursion

Contemporary – Austen-Inspired: The Keys for Love, Foundation of Love (The Mystic Blessing 2)

Contemporary – Romantic Mystery/Suspense: Safekeeping (with a clever nod at Austen)



2 thoughts on “Books

  1. Good day, I read and enjoy all your books, but one as I couldn’t find The Misadventures of young Lizzy Bennet: the race in Amazon. Could you ve so kind to tell me where could I buy a kindle version. Thanks in advance


  2. Sorry, Teresa, I didn’t see your message sooner! Thanks for your interest in The Misadventures of Young Lizzy Bennet: The Race! It is an event that’s discussed in Dreams & Expectations, so I included it at the end of that book.


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