Update on my health…

     I hurt my Achilles tendon on my left foot – of all times – when I can barely walk safely as it is!  I must have done one of my exercises wrong.  That’s why it is best to do them while WITH a Physical Therapist (aka Physiotherapist) or Occupational Therapist!
     I have a fever, too.  The kids have strep so I’m sure that’s what it is. At least that’s all I’ll admit to myself.  It could not be anything that I might have picked up at the hospital. Nope.  I refuse to think that. Never mind that my throat does not hurt – it is strep.
     I have an appt with the doctor today.
     Slept in my own bed last night.  Got up this morning, took a shower, helped get the kids’ lunch and get them off to school, unloaded the dishwasher, and made myself breakfast.
     I’m not at all angry or annoyed at anyone because I am very thankful for everyone doing the best they could while I was in the hospital and I love them all for doing so much for us, but I have to admit that coming home is frustrating in a way.  My house is not “my” house right now.  Nothing is where I left it, so I can’t find a lot of things.  In my condition, I can’t always go around looking for things, either.  I wanted to cut up veggies this morning but God only knows where the cutting board is. I was too dizzy  after bending over the dishwasher unloading and loading it (which I’m probably not supposed to be doing) to go looking for it.
     There are quite a few things that nobody listened to me about.  For example – one little thing among many: while in the hospital I had advised but either nobody believed me or they forgot… but then again they might have been just pretending to understand me when they really couldn’t make out a word I was saying — putting a whole bunch of spoons/forks/etc. in the same compartment of the utensil holder in the dishwasher and facing them in the same way (up or down) will leave them dirty.  So, the utensils are in the drawer but most of them have food stuck to them.  What I don’t understand is: Why can *I* see the food stuck to them, but nobody else can?  Am I the “Great Stuck-on Food Profit” or something that makes me see it, when others cannot?
     And I’m not so certain that the reason my son was sick last week had nothing to do with them using a sponge that was used on dishes that had wheat, soy, milk, and corn – possibly egg, too – on his lunch thermos and pots to make his rice spaghetti. Obviously, nobody has paid any attention to the hundreds of times I have said that I can’t use sponges anymore – only paper towels.  If I use a sponge, it must be thrown away afterwards.  To be honest, I wash everything in the dishwasher after hand washing it – it is just too much of a chance. My house consists of too many food allergies!  If one little molecule of protein is left on something, it might mean disaster.  The current fad in sponge-making has many brands of sponges manufacturing “walnut sponges” now too, and a couple of manufacturers have told me that they cannot guarantee that any of their sponges do not contain walnuts now.  It is not worth the risk!

2 thoughts on “Update on my health…

  1. Hi Wendi

    Sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell. I hope recovery continues and you are back to your old self soon.

    I thought it was just me who was the only one who could spot dirty bits on dishwashed items. Let me guess, you rant and rave at your family about it and all you get is “are you having a bad day?” Like no-one else gives a stuff.

    Hugs to you.

    Lisa B (sun1 lurker)


    1. Thanks, Lisa! Glad to see you here – forgot I had left my siggy on the Sun1 post, lol. This time I was just mumbling to myself. I really do appreciate everything everyone did while I was in the hospital and didn’t want to complain – but I did need to vent somewhere, lol. I hate this whole “depend on others” thing going on here. I’m waaaay too independent for this – but I MUST depend on others for now. I’ve got to find a way to remain sane through this. I’d write, which is the most therapeutic thing I’ve ever done, but my attention span is at an all time low right now. Well, I guess I should try writing a sentence at a time, right?


      P.S. – For those who don’t know what Sun1 is, it is an online support group on Yahoo Groups for those of us who are sensitive to or “allergic to” the sun or light in general. It is a private group – we really have problems with the light. If anyone reading has a condition that makes them have this problem, feel free to contact me.


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