Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year I am thankful for all that I have, but 2012 was a paramount year in my life, and I thank God for so many things:

Life! Back in March, there was a good chance that I would not have been able to continue on. Every day is a gift.

The doctors, nurses, and staff at Brookhaven Hospital, St. Charles Rehabilitation, and Catholic Charities Home Health Care, who saved my life and helped in my recovery. I wish I could list them all, but there are so many!

My husband, Matt, who managed to make everything work and still come to see me every day, and my children, Katie, Luke, and Maddie, who were very brave and helpful during my illness.

The generosity of family and friends who supported me, and those who helped my husband and children during those trying times. So many people assisted in so many ways that I cannot even list them. We all appreciated even the smallest note of encouragement.

Electricity, heat, warm water, gasoline, and everything else that along goes with recovering after Superstorm Sandy passed through. There are so many who lost so much more than we did – it is mind-boggling.

Last, but definitely not least, my readers who have given my writing new meaning.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Hi Edith! Thanks so much; I’m very happy to know you, as well! I think I joined FTHRW the day before I ended up in the hospital, so when I came home, I didn’t say anything – nobody knew who I was yet.


  2. I didn’t realize either. There’s always so much to read I never got to this part. We’re glad you got thru all the horribleness this past year and could dwell on all the positive.


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