Audiobook Release Day – The Gypsy Blessing!

Audiobook Release Day! 

Click the photo to have a listen to Veronica Leckie’s excellent narration.

I’m so excited that The Gypsy Blessing has been released in audiobook format that I’ve decided to give away

Three (3) audiobook copies!

To enter, leave a comment before midnight Eastern Time, Saturday, July 19th.  I’ll announce winners on the 20th.

Good luck!

21 thoughts on “Audiobook Release Day – The Gypsy Blessing!

  1. Ooooo, an audio version! The Gypsy Blessing is one of my many TBR books. I so enjoyed the free sample from the Kindle store. It was a totally different take on the story of Darcy and Elizabeth.

    It would be fantastic to win this in audio version as I’m always listening to an audiobook if I have to drive any distance to work. I can’t listen to the sample right now as the sound on this iPad has stopped working but I CAN listen to books on my phone. I’ll try to remember to have a listen next time I fire up my PC.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Wendi.


    1. I actually work with Apple products. If the sound works when you put in headphones, try putting them in and out a few times then turning the sound all the way up and testing it without the headphones. I have a few other tips if not. 😀 Feel free to contact me.


      1. Thanks for the offer of help. I think it’s something more serious than normal. The sound doesn’t work with head/ear phones either. I hear the occasional click from the speaker but nothing else. I’ve even had it looked at by an iPad repair shop (admittedly not an official Apple one because they charge an arm and a leg just to look at their devices) but to no avail.


  2. Congratulations, Wendi, on the audio release! I hope it is very successful for you. I love to listen to audio books while I draw. It is wonderful inspiration and I get to hear a good book too. Can’t beat that combination!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  3. This is one of my very favorite variations of P & P. As usual, your story is a fine piece of work, Wendi. Thank you for your creations and for your giveaway. I’d love to have an audioversion.


  4. I started out listening to audio books when driving to and from work. Now I am retired, but I’ve developed a habit and I like to always have an audion book in my car. I would love to listen to The Gypsy Blessing.


  5. Congratulation on your new relaese!!!
    I am italian and I would like to partecipate in this giveaway but I do not know if it is oper worlwide.


    1. Hi Chiara, Thanks! I see Amazon Italy doesn’t have either of my audiobooks. Do you know if you can shop at If so, then I can gift it to you if you win, but I’m afraid that if you can’t shop at, I won’t be able to send you the gift coupon. I’ll put in a question to the Audible people to see if I can, just in case.


  6. Thank you for such a wonderful and generous giveaway. I enjoyed reading “Gypsy Blessing” and would love it as an audio book so I can listen as I drive to and from work. To me audio books are the only way to manage the drive.


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