Sincerely Yours, Yours by Design Book 2 by Robin Helm #AustenInAugustLGR

As part of Austen in August, I read:

Sincerely Yours, Yours by Design Book 2

by Robin Helm.

I loved Sincerely Yours as much as I did the first book in the Christian Fantasy/Austen-adaptation series, Yours by Design. In this continuation of Accidentally Yours, it’s a lot of fun to follow both contemporary Darcy settle into Regency times and Regency Darcy adapt to contemporary times. I read this online one chapter at a time, but it’s a pleasure to read it all at once—and the updates and additions expand the story past what I had already read! It is saying a lot for Ms. Helm’s talent that even though we switch timelines with every chapter, the story continues to flow beautifully. It would have been so easy to make the two Darcys and two Elizabeths similar, but they are unique, making this even more special. I’m looking forward to the third in the series, Forever Yours!

4 thoughts on “Sincerely Yours, Yours by Design Book 2 by Robin Helm #AustenInAugustLGR

  1. Wendi, I really do not like her writing at all (I’m probably one of a very few who will admit it ;-).) The only character that I’ve liked has been the Regency Darcy from the first volume. I have been very hesitant in getting any further volumes in that I do not want him “brain-washed” like the modern Darcy is (what an automaton!). I also consider the modern Darcy to be quite icky and unethical — in other words, he really is not a nice guy. There is a lot underneath the surface which is really quite awful.


    1. Actually, several people have been very vocal about disliking Regency Darcy in Accidentally Yours. Those people usually like the changes he makes as he adjusts to modern life in Sincerely Yours. He becomes a truly nice man, though I’m a little confused by the “brainwashing” label. Perhaps you don’t care for Christian fiction?

      Thanks for your honest opinion. I never object to people speaking the truth as they see it.


  2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I really, really enjoy Robin’s stories. I think both Darcys are intended to grow and develop throughout the series, and I feel they do. They seem to become better people once they switch time periods and grow in maturity and morals. I’ve seen Robin say in interviews that she tried to figure out why Darcy changed so much during the book, and this is the resulting “what if.” Regency Darcy might be more awful than what we see in Austen’s book, but we also don’t get into his head in the original, either. Modern Darcy is now on his own, without all the modern comforts he’s been used to. He’s determined to make life better for others. My feeling is that they both change for the better. Also, remember, this is Christian fiction. At least one of the main characters should be expected to grow with the exposure to and the influence of God’s teachings. This seems to be the case with Regency Darcy. Modern Darcy spreads the Word with his actions in Regency times. That’s my view of the story so far.


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