A Very Austen Christmas – Giveaway

Exciting news!

Barbara Cornthwaite, Robin Helm, Laura Hile, and Wendi Sotis, are joining together to bring you

a collection of short stories…

A Very Austen Christmas

(Mock Cover… the real cover will be revealed soon!)

 Want to win a copy on Kindle?

I’ll be giving away TWO Kindle copies – One on October 21 (announced on the 22nd)

and One on October 28 (announced on the 29th).

Comment below to enter.

Don’t forget to include your email address so I can let you know when you win!

Winners will be gifted the ebook as soon as it becomes available.

(If the winner does not answer in three days, I will choose another winner)

Her Christmas Gift by Robin Helm

Elizabeth Bennet finds herself snowbound and stranded at Rosings with two rejected, but highly suitable, suitors. Does either one of them have a chance? Will her childhood friend, Meryton’s golden boy, win her affection, or will she accept the master of Pemberley? Will she refuse them both a second time? Her Christmas Gift is beautifully written with tension, emotion, humor, and romance.

The Christmas Matchmaker by Laura Hile

It’s raining; it’s pouring – and what could be better than a little Christmas matchmaking? So says Emma Woodhouse who is unexpectedly stranded at Netherfield Park. Mr. Darcy disagrees, for she has someone else in mind for adorable Elizabeth Bennet. Amid meddling, misunderstanding, and an unwelcome proposal or two, will True Love find a way?

No Better Gift  by Wendi Sotis

On his way to Derbyshire to spend Christmas with his family, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy plans to retrieve an item he left behind during his rushed escape from Netherfield—and the country miss who touched his heart. Finding Meryton practically deserted, he fears the worse. What fate could have fallen upon this once-thriving village in only three weeks? More importantly, was Miss Elizabeth Bennet in danger?

Mistletoe at Thornton Lacey by Barbara Cornthwaite

When Edmund realizes that Fanny is the perfect wife for him, he wants to propose without delay. What better time than at Christmas, as his family and the Price girls visit him at Thornton Lacey? Surely he will find the perfect time to offer his heart and his hand to the lady who has won them.  Who could have believed it would prove to be so difficult?
















7 thoughts on “A Very Austen Christmas – Giveaway

  1. OMG it’s getting too near to Christmas for my liking, however this book would make me feel better about it (hint hint!) I hope they are Darcy and Elizabeth stories as they are my favourites (more hint hint?)


  2. The first winner is Pam Hunter! Congratulations, Pam!

    Everyone else will be entered into the next giveaway. You have until midnight on the 28th to enter. The winner will be announced on the 29th of October.

    Good luck!


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