A Very Austen Valentine Celebrate Lit Blog Tour – PRIZES!

Robin Helm takes A Very Austen Valentine on tour with Celebrate Lit!

Hop on over to Celebrate Lit to see the list of fabulous blogs on the tour.

And don’t forget to enter for your chance to win:

Grand Prize: a $50 Amazon gift card
1st Place: An autographed paperback of A Very Austen Valentine: Austen Anthologies, Book 1
2nd Place: An autographed paperback of A Very Austen Christmas: Austen Anthologies, Book 2
3rd Place: A set of three ebooks – Reader’s Choice of any three of Robin Helm’s books
4th Place: a $5 Amazon gift card

New story! The Gypsy Blessing Chapter 1

I’m posting the first draft of a new story,

The Gypsy Blessing

at BeyondAusten.com!

Please stop by and take a look. Here is the blurb:

Blurb: Whilst taking a solitary ramble on her father’s estate, Elizabeth Bennet finds an injured woman, cares for her, and helps her return to her gypsy camp. Impressed that a gentlewoman would come to his wife’s aid, the king of the gypsies promises that she will find happiness through his wife’s special blessing. Forgetting the incident, Elizabeth thinks it merely odd when she begins to receive drawings in the mail with no return address—until she begins to recognize the scenes depicted in the sketches as they become true events in her life.

Beyond Austen: New Jane Austen Forum opening July 30th

Beyond Austen Announcement:
Literature lovers Stephanie Hamm, Gayle Mills, and Robin Helm are pleased to announce to opening of a new forum, Beyond Austen, at www.beyondausten.com. Beyond Austen was founded to provide an environment that is friendly, encouraging, and appropriate for readers of all ages, as well as to promote positive interaction between all members, both readers and authors. We are very excited about sharing our site with you, and we welcome all stories that adhere to the BAC guidelines and mission statement. Both JAFF and non-JAFF stories, as well as poems, will be available to our readers. Come join us and enjoy stories by some of your favorite authors. The site will be open for new members on Monday, July 30.
Note from Wendi:  I’ll be posting any new stories at Beyond Austen as well as on other forums.

All Hallow’s Eve, Chapter 13, Part 2 is posted!



I am sorry to say that this might be the last story that I post on Fanfiction.net.

I’m publishing Dreams and Expectations soon.  Someone on FFN copied part of the story and incorporated it into their own.  Now, if the person had CREDITED my work, I would have been okay with this – what better form of compliment is there than someone being inspired to write by my work – but they have not credited me and instead have tried to pass it off as their own idea.  I asked this person to do so – privately so that if this was done by accident, the person was not humiliated (it is very obvious!) but this person decided to try to humiliate me instead by going public and still refusing to admit that she was inspired by my story.

I’m not worried about lasting problems – I will leave the first draft of DaE up to prove the date that I finished posting so that everyone knows who came up with the story first, but I have to say that I am quite discouraged.

Since this person is posting her story now and people are enjoying it and telling her to publish the story, I am a bit concerned that someone is going to accuse ME of plagiarizing her work once the book comes out!

I am thinking of taking down the bulk of the above draft version of All Hallow’s Eve soon after it is finished, and I’m also thinking of taking down A Promise to Remember (the first draft of Promises) – or leaving up only a couple of chapters of each with a note that Promises can be found on Amazon.

Honestly, I wanted to leave my stories up on the board, but I have to protect myself from people copying them without giving me credit.